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NEW Postcode lookup service :

Add a postcode lookup facility to your website. Simple to add, simple to use.

Enter a postcode and our service will return a summary address, a dropdown of available addresses in that postcode area and the latitude & longitude of the postcode. Give it a try ...

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How does it work ?

Sign up for an account, buy credits and insert some simple code into your website. You're ready to go.

Do I need to add code to my website ?

Yes - we will send you details of the code you need to insert, You can style the form items to suit your current web design. If you get stuck, we are here to help.

Register now to get your postcode lookup service online today.

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Help / FAQs

Q I enter a postcode and nothing happens ? - 1. check that you have credits, 2. ensure that the code you inserted into your website is correct (refer to your registration email on how to do this). We may not be able to help if you have changed your code.

Q How much does it cost ? - 1 credit costs just 2 pence, each time a postcode lookup is performed it uses 1 credit.

Q What if I run out of credits ? - when your credit balance gets to 10 we will send you an email with a link to buy more credits. If your credit balance reaches zero a postcode look up won't return any results.

Q What information is returned when I check a postcode ? - our service will return a summary address, the latitude & longitude of the postcode AND a dropdown of available addresses in that postcode area. Please note : Royal Mail do terminate Postcodes from time to time.

Q Is your service guaranteed ? - we aim to provide a constant and accurate service, however there may be rare occaisions when a postcode is not found or only partial information is returned. Please see out T&Cs for more details.

Q Why do you return the Latitude and Longitude of a postcode ? - you might want to show a marker on a map for the postcode selected. (map code is not included.)

Q I enter a postcode and the address isnt found ? - check that the postcode has been entered correctly, if that doesn't work it's likely that the postcode has been terminated, you can check here

Q If the address isn't found does it still use a credit? - yes, every lookup uses one credit even if the postcode isn't a real one.

Simple pricing

  • Pay as you go Just 2p per lookup.
  • No added costs.
  • Credits do not expire.
  • Top up credits whenever you need to.
  • Easily styled to fit your own design.
  • Automated email when credits are low.

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