Client information and booking system

Simple online client information and booking system.

Data protection

Data Protection & Privacy Policy
The information that you gather from your customers/clients and store in your Client Information System may fall within the Data Protection Act 1998, it`s principles are set out below :

There are eight principles put in place by the Data Protection Act 1998 to make sure that information is handled properly. These state that data must be:
: fairly and lawfully processed.
: processed for limited purposes.
: adequate, relevant and not excessive.
: accurate.
: not kept for longer than is necessary.
: processed in line with an individuals rights.
: secure.
: not transferred to other countries without adequate protection.

By law data controllers have to keep to these principles. For information and help in deciding if you need to notify that you are a Data Holder visit the : Information Commisioners Office.


Your information

Information that Easyclient collects about you remains strictly private and confidential, back ups that are made of your information are not looked at or processed in any way.

Back up

Your client information and booking systems contains a back up facility for your to use as often as you wish. Should you terminate your use of our Client Information System, all relevant data will be destroyed.

Security extras

  • Secure server
  • ISO 27001 certified
  • Customised systems

Simple online client information and booking system.

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